Seeing the Invisible

We usually don’t peruse the issue for long enough. Especially if it’s social. Especially if it’s about discriminated groups of people.

Every year Queerfest creates a space for dialogues concerning inconvenient and unpopular topics to discuss in Russia and Saint Petersburg – we speak about normality of identities diversity, human rights, women discrimination, we raise the issue of homophobia, transphobia and biphobia, violence problem and lots of other important things. But this year we decided to reconfigure our optics and look as close as possible at LGBT-communities and society in Russia, paying attention to the deeper layers of social issues.

«Seeing the Invisible» is the topic of 2016’s Queerfest. This time we’d like to talk about groups inside our society and identities inside LGBT-community, whose existence and problems aren’t even noticed. Silencing, depreciation and disregard – this is what makes those groups invisible. We’d like to give our guests an opportunity to see the invisible, to discover more, for example, about LGBT living with AIDS, LGBT with disabilities or neurodivergent LGBT, about lesbophobia and transphobia issues in the Russian feminist movement, about sexism in the LGBT-movement, about LGBT families, stigmatization of certain groups and hierarchy inside LGBT-communities, about transgender, non-binary and intersex people. We’d like to talk about all those who don’t fit into ‘normal’ society and are considered outsiders, about the exclusion of those people from our society and how to overcome that exclusion.

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