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«QueerFest» presents a collection of personal statements on «seeing the invisible»


«Seeing the invisible» is the slogan of QueerFest 2016, and is the theme of the collection of personal statements that invite reflection on issues of gender and sexuality, nationalism and sexism, social pressures and hierarchies.

Stories in the publication are tied together by the theme of borders and their crossing. The boundaries between large and small cities, as described in the essay by Nastya Sulima, or the border crossing point between Tajikistan and Russia in the text of Komila. Masha, from Austria writes about the boundary between the «Soviet» and «Western» man. (Queer)resettlement, (queer)migrateto, (queer)refugee status has always been part of human history, and this collection reflects that theme clearly and powerfully.


Crossing borders between identities or declaring them nonexistent, resistance to the binary gender norms within existing sexual identity frameworks, as described in Sasha’s essay; the challenge of the seemingly «unshakable foundations» of national and cultural identity, and the crossing over across established personality traits, as described by Ayman Eckford – this is the interplay between physical and personal boundaries, which are called into question throughout the stories featured in the publication.

The accompanying work of artist Kondraty Enough, strange and full of hidden meaning, invokes delight, irritation or motivates thinking about one’s own boundaries.

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